Quyết định số 49/2014 của ubnd tỉnh quảng nam

Part 1: General provisions

When you use information and services on WEBSITE Law Net , you accept this Agreement, including any changes thereafter.

Content on WEBSITE Law Net is legal documents and legal knowledge. You accept to use the service as you accept to use the current form and content.WEBSITE Law Net does not arise liability to the user when the wrong application of the law occurs.

When you reuse for non-commercial purposes the information from WEBSITE Law Net , it is necessary to specify the source: "According to Lawnet.vn".

Part 2: Service

Services provided by WEBSITE Law Net include:

  1. Look up documents online Free Member: Free look up all documents;
  2. Online document lookup Premium members: Look up all documents, see effective date, expiration date, related text, alt text,...
  3. Receive newsletters New catalog of documents: Free and Premium members both receive weekly newsletters from WEBSITE Law Net to track changes in the legal document system.
  4. Support and discuss legal issues: Members will receive preliminary legal support for problems encountered. Members can discuss legal issues that are happening to them.
  5. ...

Part 3: Your Responsibilities

When using WEBSITE Law Net requires you to register a Subscriber Name, Password, and some personal information before use. This information must be accurate, because it directly affects your interests.

When the user wants to change the registered information (Subscriber's name, user name, Email,...), the user must change in the Account information section;

You keep your Username and Password confidential. WEBSITE Law Net will not be responsible in cases where the password is changed due to disclosure by the user, or for many people to use together.

Each Subscriber Name is registered for a specific individual or unit. Therefore, WEBSITE Law Net have limited rights at a time then 1 Personal Subscription Only 1 person can use it. For Business Subscription then the number of users at a time will be registered by you.

Part 4: Limiting Your Rights

Your rights are limited by the following provisions:

  1. Do not copy, sell, sublease the right to use, or provide the Username and Password to a third party for use.
  2. it is not allowed to use information and data from WEBSITE Law Net to develop (in whole or in part) another storage and search system for commercial purposes, including: sale, rental or commercial form. other trade.

Part 5: Limitation of Liability of WEBSITE Law Net

Not responsible for any loss, liability, or damage resulting from your error.

Not responsible for any loss, liability, or damage resulting from another website that links directly or indirectly from WEBSITE Law Net , or the content of such websites.

Not responsible for any claims, damages caused as a result of, or arising out of, in connection with the use or inability to use the WEBSITE Law Net .

In addition to the above limits, if there is a legal obligation that WEBSITE Law Net has to bear and compensate, it will be equal to the fee you pay the last time (the last time).

Part 6: Handling violations

WEBSITE Law Net has the right to apply measures to handle violations that are allowed by law if you violate the provisions of this General Agreement.

This Agreement is governed by the laws of Vietnam. Any acts giving rise to liability and claims in connection with this Agreement shall be settled in the competent People's Court.

Part 7: Implementation

Notices and disclaimers on the WEBSITE Law Net are subsequently added to the Agreement.

If any provision of this Agreement, as well as subsequent notices and warnings, is unlawful, void and/or unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed separate from those provisions. remainder of the Agreement, and without prejudice to the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.

This Agreement entered into force on October 15, 2015.